Network Services

Organisations need connectivity between sites or branches, to the Internet, Data Centres, Cloud and Content Providers. Different organisations have different network requirements. There are also different network requirements within an organisation. IFS use expertise and experience to integrate a broad range of networking products into single, end to end solutions with your business in mind. With IT now a business-critical system for almost every organisation – and with the need for organisations to get the best return on their IT investment – it’s more important than ever to maximise uptime and “do more with less”. It therefore makes sense to monitor your infrastructure performance 24/7 – so you can spot problems before they affect your end users and get in the way of business.

Cloud Computing

Should you be running your business on the cloud? We can help you to make the right decisions for your specific business needs. What are the differences between all the various cloud systems that are available out there? Which one is the best, what does it cost, how will my business benefit? How secure will my data be? How exactly do you put your data and services in the cloud? There are many things to consider. We help you to make the right decisions for your specific business needs and help you move your applications and data to the cloud easily, while avoiding the pitfalls!

IT Project Management

Our Project Management approach addresses the needs of the client while managing the entire process, from inception to completion and handover, including the budget and schedule along the way.

IT Consulting

We offer our IT consulting services in a variety of ways to meet you organisation’s every possible technology need. Options range from time only, materials setups, to hourly blocks and monthly service contracts.

Software Support Services

IFS offer a variety of software support services to meet your needs, including new product installation, product updates, migrations for major software releases, and other types of software support services as needed, so you can always count on your software being up to date and reliable. These services are offered as either a long term contract or on a per incident basis.

Hardware Support Services

IFS can support most major server, storage, and networking products. Our Support Staff have a deep understanding of hardware, software, and diagnostic tools. We offer preventive or remedial services to physically repair your hardware, as well as troubleshooting support and assistance. Both are offered on either a contract or per incident basis, so your system will always be up and running.